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Like a Korean Star


The clothing, hairstyles, make-up, nails and other trendy styles of famous hallyu stars you’ve seen on TV, can be yours. With this LADIES SPECIAL guide, you can become a Korean star! 

This section introduces beauty salons with star-studded clientele, famous hair salons, shopping malls to upgrade your wardrobe, and much more. It’s filled with information on the hottest cosmetic brands, the trendiest colors, the best bargains, and the coolest special packages. You’ll get to know secrets to glowing and healthy skin, and make-up tips of Korean women. 

And don't forget the Route section to plan the perfect day. You can start the day with a hair & beauty make-over at a beauty salon in Cheongdam-dong, then have brunch in a sunny cafe. In the afternoon you can relax at a spa with aroma oils, and return to your hotel with shopping bags on both hands! 

It also includes must-visit tourist attractions like trending hotspots, experience centers where you can cook Korean food, unique Korean accommodations, and there is also a shopping list of foods and snacks you should take home. There is also a section with recommended nightscapes. 

Stop wondering where your favorite Korean star eats or shops. Stop wondering what Korean women are like. Stop wonder and start your own adventure right now! 


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