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K-Food, Be Your Own Chef! 


How great would it be if you could cook delicious and healthy Korean dishes whenever you craved Korean food? 
Here is a list of places where you can experience Korean cooking. 

K -Style Hub, a cultural space that offers information on Korea tourism, also houses the Korean Food Experience Hall. At the Hall you can learn to make various Korean dishes like kimchi, bibimbap, samgyetang as well as traditional desserts and drinks. Before cooking, you should stop by the Korean Food Exhibition Hall and learn about the 24 solar terms of Korea, and related foodstuffs, and the traditional ingredients, and condiments. The experience programs offered at OME Cooking Lab include shopping for ingredients at a traditional market. OME offers different menus each day, and you can choose which dish you’d like to make. At the HanGwa Culture Museum, you can learn to make traditional sweets, which are made by frying or baking grains like rice, then coating them in honey or syrup. All the above facilities require reservations. 

5 Must Buy Korean Foods! 
If you think you'll miss the delicious array of Korean food, then here's your shopping list. 

Ginseng & Red Ginseng 
Korea is the home of ginseng, which can be boiled and enjoyed as tea, or fried or braised to serve as a side dish. Hongsam, or red ginseng, which is made by steaming ginseng, is widely available as jelly or candy. 

Traditional Teas 
Koreans enjoy drinking teas made with cheong, which is fruit syrup made by sugaring fruits like yuja (citron fruit), lemon or grapefruit. 

Cookies, Crackers & Chips 
Korea has a wide selection of tasty snacks, cookies and chips. There's shrimp flavored chips, crab flavored crackers, and much, much more. 

Kimchi is a traditional Korean food made by brining cabbage or raddish, seasoning with chili powder and various vegetables, and then fermenting. There are many variations of kimchi. 

Ready-made Foods 
You can try delicious Korean dishes at home without all the hard work. Packaged, ready-made meals like samgyetang, kimchi stew, and even white rice can be purchased at supermarkets or convenience stores. 

1. K-Style Hub  COUPON 
(4F) 40, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seul 
20,000–120,000won (requires at 
least 6 people to open class) www.hansik.org 

(K-Food Culture Center) 

2. OME Cooking Lab  COUPON 
37-6, Yangnyeongjungang-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seul 

3. HanGwa Kültür Müzesi
26-9, Sanjeonghosu-ro 322beon-gil, Yeongbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do 


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