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Pay Phone
As the smart phones are popularized to that extent, public phone booths are rarely seen on streets and public facilities today. Yet there are still some public phone booths at popular sites, bus stops, subway, and train stations. L button on the phones offers English, Korean and Chinese options. Telephone cards for 3000, 5000, and 10000 won can usually be purchased at convenience stands or stores near the telephone booths.

International Calls
First, one of the international call company numbers is dialed (001, 002, 008, 00365, 00700 or one of the others); and then the country code, area code and finally the number called is dialed.

Roaming ve SIM Card
In all major airports including Incheon, Gimpo, Gimhae and Jeju international airports, a simple registration at 'roaming’ desks may be done. After this procedure mobile devices can be connected immediately with local network service provider.

Instead of roaming services, SIM Card purchase may be seen as a more suitable option; because this service is cheaper than roaming phones.  Travelers can buy Korean SIM cards from the major retail stores, convenience stores or from the website of the respective service providers.

Throughout Korea, generally internet service is provided in public places such as airports, train stations, and bus terminals, as well as popular touristic sites. Also PC rooms and internet cafes, mostly 24 hours open, are places to be connected to the world.

Postal Services
Due to card postal, mail and cargo sending has become a diminishing habit; number of mailboxes in streets is decreasing. If you are searching for a mailbox, you can ask your hotel front desk to put your letters or postcards in the mail or you can go directly to a nearby post office.

Visit Korea Post for more details on post office locations and services.