Chungcheongbuk-do - Kore Turizm Organizasyonu - Korenin Dünyaya Tanıtımına Yönelik Çalışma


The uniquely landlocked Chungcheongbuk-do is situated in the middle of Korea; and is famous for its caves, mineral and mine fields.

It has remarkable natural landscapes, including mountains, lakes and caves, as well as huge reserves of gold, iron, marble, and mineral waters. Visitors can relax at a water park that uses mineral water drawn up from rock beds 750 meters below the ground or visit the UNESCO Memory of the World Registered Jikji, the world’s oldest extant movable metal print book.

Sites to Visit

Daecheong Dam (Daejeon), Songnisan National Park (Boeun), Suanbo Hotsprings (Chungju), Liquorium (Chungju), Sobaeksan National Park (Danyang), Suyanggae Prehistory Museum (Danyang), Sainam Rock (Danyang), Gosu Cave (Danyang), Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex (Jecheon), Woraksan National Park (Jecheon), Jeongbangsa Temple (Jecheon), Sangdangsanseong Forest (Cheongju), Cheongju Printing Museum (Cheongju), Chinyang Valley (Eumseong), Nongdari (Jincheon), Nangye Traditional Korean Music Experience Center (Yeongdong)