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Gourmand Tour


The delicious and healthy Korean cuisine is a part of the joy of Korea tourism that shouldn't be missed. Here's a list of foods you must eat when in Korea. 

A Winter Delicacy that Comes to mind when it’s Cold 

There is Korean food that is more delicious to eat when a cold wind blows and it feels chilly: An delicious, chewy rice cake. It goes well with traditional medicinal herbal tea, which makes your body warm and is good for health. Studio Dameum on Jejudo Island sells rice cakes made with eco-friendly rice, organic sugar and indigenous products of the island, and refreshments. There are also Omegi rice cakes, a native food of Jeju, as well as healthy drinks such as mugwort latte, green smoothies, etc. Sugar-filled griddle cakes (“hotteok”), a popular street snack during the winter, are a delicacy that cannot be left out. Griddle cakes with red beans, seeds, cheese, ice cream, and Nutella spread inside are popular at Sammat Hotteok. 

Tea Therapy is a café where you can drink medicinal herbal tea such as goji berry, angelica and Solomon’s seal. As the effects of medicinal herbal teas are described in detail here, choose a tea that is right for you and slowly savor it. There is also a space inside the café. You can have a foot bath after selecting a medicinal herb there. It will be nice to rest while relieving your tired feet. Cafe Ogada, a medicinal herbal tea café chain, sells a new type of beverage that traditional tea is mixed with other leaf teas or various fruits. The best drink is Hallabong/Five-flavor berry Blending Tea with a savory and sour flavor

1. Studio Dameum 
24, Sinseong-ro 12-gil, Jeju-si, 
Jejudo Island
Misk otu sütü 5,000 won 

2. Sammat Hotteok 
(Wangsimni main branch)  COUPON 
5, Wangsimni-ro 21-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul 
Seed World Sugar-filled Griddle Cake 1,500 won 

3. Tea Therapy 
(Apgujeong main branch
16, Eonju-ro 173-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 
Sress free tea 8,000 won 

4. Cafe Ogada 
(Gwangalli main branch)  COUPON 
233, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, 
Suyeong-gu, Busan 
Harman çayı 3,900~5,900 won 


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