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Korea’s Top 25 Wellness Attractions designated for 2017
The Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization have released a list of the 25 Must-go Wellness Attractions in the nation. Wellness tourism is currently booming around the world and relates to sites where the focus is on health and healing, such as spas, leisure resorts, and health maintenance. The attractions have been divided into four categories of Hanbang (oriental medicine), Beauty Spa, Healing Meditation, and Forest Healing. 

The hanbang category includes Herb Lab Bomdong and four other sites. Visitors interested in healing meditation can visit one of the three designated spots such as Healience Zen Village in Gangwon-do. The largest category is beauty spa, with a total of 13 attractions with the Herb Healing Center at Herb Island in Gyeonggi-do topping the list. The remaining four locations are forest healing areas which include Cypress Forest Woodland in Jeongnamjin.

The full list of designated attractions and more information can be found on the official Visit Medical Korea website, as well as on the individual websites of the attractions.

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25 Must-go Wellness Attractions in Korea
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