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K-Drama Star


Have you ever cried while watching a Korean drama, or are you curious about the sites where dramas starring hallyu stars were filmed? Then Korea will be a very exciting destination for you. You can imitate famous scenes from the dramas as if you were the main character and take photos at the very place seen on the screen. This guidebook will take you to the places seen in four dramas where you can recall how you felt when you watched them on screen. 

The Goblin delightfully and ardently depicts the destined meeting of an immortal goblin and a girl. Many people still visit the site where The Goblin was filmed because it was a huge hit throughout the world beyond Asia. The filming site of Descendants of the Sun, where a great love bloomed amidst a crisis crossing over life and death, is also introduced. Descendants of the Sun recently gained much popularity when hallyu stars Song Hye-gyo and Song Jung-gi were discovered to be a real couple. Also, the filming sites for the dramas Who Came from the Stars, a love story between an alien and a top celebrity, and Legends of the Blue Sea, a romance with a mermaid, cannot be left out! Furthermore, you can visit areas frequently seen on popular television shows such as Running Man and Infinite Challenge

Festivals where you can enjoy Korea’s beautiful autumn and winter are also introduced. Moreover, there is information on Korea’s unique food, popular restaurants, indoor attractions, traditional cultural experiences and recommended accommodations. To make this trip more delightful, watch the dramas again and remember the places you want to go to in this guidebook. You will be moved more  when you see these places with your very own eyes. Enjoy yourself to the fullest by being the main characters of a drama in the same area. A splendid trip to Korea, more drama-like than a drama, will begin as soon as you get off the airplane with this guidebook! 


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