Hyoseok Cultural Festival - Kore Turizm Organizasyonu - Korenin Dünyaya Tanıtımına Yönelik Çalışma

Hyoseok Cultural Festival

1 September – 10 September 2019

Hyoseok Cultural Festival is held to commemorate modern Korean writer Lee Hyo-seok and his popular novel "When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom," which demonstrates the connection between human life and the beauty of nature through the dazzling scenery of Bongpyeong. In fact, Bongpyeong is the author's hometown, and appears frequently in his novels. The cultural festival commemorates Lee Hyo-seok's novel and offers a chance for visitors to tour Lee Hyo-seok's birthplace and memorial hall.

Period: 1 September – 10 September
Place:  Area of Bongpyeong-myeon Culture Village in Pyeongchang-gun