Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival - Kore Turizm Organizasyonu - Korenin Dünyaya Tanıtımına Yönelik Çalışma

Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival

1- 13 October 2019

Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival has a very historic background. Koreans soldiers lighted some lanterns in the Jinjuseong Fortress Battle during Japanese invasion in 1592, as a military strategy to prevent Japanese troops progression on Namgang River. Floating lanterns, the parade of lanterns, gaejesik (lighting of lanterns in remembrance of the Jinjuseong Fortress Battle veterans), an exhibition of the world’s traditional lanterns are major attractions.

Period: 1-13 October 2019
Place : Jinju Namgang River
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