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Romance Korea


The Most Romantic 5 Spots of Korea
Every love gets bigger with beautiful memories, lived in different places. Once it is about watching sunrise or sunset on a beach, once embracing nature in a mountain view, once rolling down on snowy hills, and once being elevated from the crowds to watch the city high above…

Here you will find what we compiled as five romantic spots of Korea, which will take you out of the routine of daily life for a trip to some wonderful worlds.

Jumunjin Beach, Gangneung

Situated in the eastern coast, Jumunjin Beach is one of the romantic places that lovers choose to be at. The beach, where you can watch the sunrise with your beloved one, is also famous for being taken place in Korean TV drama “Guardian”. You may also choose to go south to witness sunrise on Gangneung’s number 1 romantic café spot, Anmok Café Street. Any beach you would prefer in the east, you will feel that your love is reborn vibrantly on the edge of the ocean.

Cape Seopjikoji, Jeju Island
As the biggest island in the south of Korean Peninsula, Jeju is the first choice of the people who are fond of romance. In the island, having the longest lava tunnel in the world, heavenly waterfalls, magnificent cliffs, mysterious caves and different beaches wait for the lovers. One of these natural marvels is the Cape Seopjikoji.

Aqua Planet, Jeju Island
If you want to carry your love one step beyond, actually deeper, than the classic romantic scenery, Aqua Planet proudly offers you more than you imagine. Diverse sea creatures brought from five oceans, special whale and penguin planets will take you through a romance of the different world.

Odeasan National Park, Gangwon-do
Are you a couple who like to live their romance on snow-covered mountains and hills? Then Odeasan National Park -with splendid landscapes alongside ski resort- has got something for you. You will feel the warmth of love as you are strolling through and trekking on snow. If you want to add same action to your romance, Pyeongchang (hosting city of 2018 Winter Games) would also be a nice option for winter.

Lotte World Tower, Seoul
What about living your love while watching Seoul sky and modern cityscape from high above? Having an enchanting architecture, Lotte World Tower offers you a memorable day not only by the view it supplies, but also by the fun on its every floor. Do you want to spike your love’s adrenaline level up? Then you are being waited at the transparent glass floor of Sky Deck.