Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is the official institution of the Republic of Korea, responsible for creating strategies and solutions for promotional activities and for travel solutions. 

KTO, having more than 50 years of history, founded and activated Istanbul Office in 2012 in order to implement diverse travel policies and plans to develop tourism activities between Korea and Turkey, two countries sharing deep diplomatic and mutual cultural connections since years. Moreover, KTO Istanbul Office is responsible of coordinating publicity and communication efforts of Korea’s touristic promotion by establishing relationships with media, tour operators, travel agencies, event planners, and individual tourists in 17 countries, including Turkey, Israel, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia, Croatia, Albany, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Malta, and Armenia.   

This wide range of communication missions of KTO Istanbul Office can be summarized as:

Execution of Media Relations

To plan to realize advertising and PR activities involving newspapers, magazines, radio, internet, and so on.

Development of Travel Industry

To establish connections and to enforce the existing connections among agencies in responsibility region and the agencies in Korea by supporting development of travel programs.

To Nurture Event Planning

To bring up event planning possibilities like forum, seminar, meeting, expo, and conference in Korea’s internationally acclaimed event facilities by communicating to event planners.